Dear friend,

At the start of this 2013-2014 legislative session, I was truly honored to have been appointed Chair of the Assembly Committee on Correction. In this position, I play a key role in shaping the Legislature’s work on this essential part of our judicial system, helping ensure it is as fair and effective as possible.

I am also proud of my work as a legislator – work that has impacted many aspects of New Yorkers’ lives, including through bills that maintain more affordable housing, help ensure accessible healthcare, and protect students from bullying for years to come.

However, nothing makes me prouder than having been the legislative sponsor in the years-long fight for Marriage Equality. I will never forget the feeling of hearing the final vote and knowing that justice had finally been won; it’s a feeling that returns every time a same-sex couple contacts me to share their recent wedding story.

On February 26, I am hosting a reception to support my re-election. Please join me as I continue to "fight the fight" for the progressive issues that keep our state a national leader. I thank you in advance and look forward to continuing our vitally important work together.

Very truly yours,

Daniel O’Donnell

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