Making a difference on issues that matter to New York State

Working for New York State


Equal rights for all couples

  • O'DONNELL WROTE THE LAW bringing marriage equality to New York State, allowing same-sex couples the same rights that all opposite-sex couples enjoy. 

Protecting students from bullying

  • O'DONNELL WROTE THE LAW which protects all public school students from harassment and discrimination from other students- in school or online.

Saving lives by making streets safer

  • O'DONNELL WROTE THE LAW to lower the default speed limit to 25mph; it's made streets safer and helped to reduce pedestrian deaths and injuries. 

Preventing fracking

  • O'DONNELL WORKED to prevent the environmental catastrophe of hydrofracking from expanding into New York, as a longtime member of the Assembly's Environmental Conservation Committee. 

Ending sexual harassment for all

  • O'DONNELL WROTE THE LAW bringing unpaid interns under the same legal protections as paid employees. 

True accountability in prisons

  • O'DONNELL WROTE THE BILL creating a full-time Ombudsman to provide independent oversight of the State Department of Corrections, as ten other states have done.


Working for our community


Connecting kids to books

  • In what’s become an annual tradition, O’Donnell sponsors a Community Reading Challenge in local public schools and libraries and runs a children’s book drive collecting used kid’s books for local school libraries. He's also obtained funds to upgrade school libraries and to renovate the New York Public Libraries' Bloomingdale, George Bruce and Morningside Heights branches.

Enhancing our public schools

  • Obtained funding for working artists to work with students, buy musical instruments, support school musicals, sponsor after school chess clubs, bring farm education to students—and partnered with Alvin Ailey Dance Co. to provide arts programming.

Advocating for Morningside Heights Historic Designation

  • O’Donnell has fought for 20 years for a Morningside Heights Historic District to preserve the neighborhood’s distinctiveness and protect it from out-of-character changes. He’s also supported the newly-designated West End Avenue/Riverside Park District.

Improving Grant and Douglass Houses

  • Channelled $2 million (from fines to banks for misconduct) to improve safety and communal spaces within Grant Houses & Douglass Houses.

Helping rebuild our parks

  • Directed funds for new lighting in Morningside Park and renovation of tennis courts in Riverside Park.

Keeping Shakespeare free

  • Helped keep free Shakespeare for all by contributing funding to the NY Shakespeare Festival/Public Theater’s Delacourte Theatre and the New York Classical Theater.

Solving individual problems in the community

  • Each year, O’Donnell’s full-time, bilingual community office staff helps fix hundreds of New Yorkers’ problems including identity theft, health care coverage, and tax issues. And every month, he hosts a housing clinic to assist tenants with leases, landlords, and evictions—with his full time tenant specialist and outside pro-bono attorneys. 

Roll Call


Daniel O'Donnell voted YES on...

          • Assault Weapons ban (SAFE Act)
          • 12 weeks paid family leave
          • $15 minimum wage
          • Medical marijuana
          • Expanded SCRIE/DRIE rent freeze eligibility for seniors & the disabled