New York City saved my life. 


As a young man, I came here so my future husband and I could feel safe. I got my law degree from CUNY School of Law. Since then, as a Public Defender working for LegalAid in Brooklyn, and now as Assemblymember, I work to make New York fairer for all us: protecting renters, opposing overdevelopment and shady deals like Amazon, delivering marriage equality and anti-bullying laws, and reforming our racist criminal justice system. NYC needs a Public Advocate with the strength, experience and determination to protect Equality for All. I won’t back down from bullies, including Donald Trump, and I will be a Public Advocate who delivers for all of us.

New York saved my life, so I’ve dedicated it to giving back to this city. We’re seeing levels of inequality and lack of opportunity greater than ever before, and it’s time we change that.



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