My Priorities for the Office of NYC Public Advocate

The office serves as a watchdog, and as an amplifier for the voices of under-represented and under-served communities. Below are some ways I will fill those roles.


Keeping The City On Track

We must ensure the city is on track to meeting the following commitments:

2020 Ending the AIDs Epidemic

2028 Closing Rikers Island Jail

2030 Eliminating Trash to Landfills

2050 Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emmissions by 80%


Checking Executive Power

Recently the Executive branch at the City and State levels have failed to be transparent with the People of New York. I will fight for transparency and have already set a precedent for it on my campaign by publishing all my candidates questionnaires. 


Creating Affordable Housing

The Mayor's plan to create 200,000 units of affordable housing is a good start, but solving the housing crisis will take a lot more than that. I propose a set-aside of 15% of new units to house the homeless.

LGBT Protections

Passing Marriage Equality was one of the proudest moments of my life, and as we face a rollback of LGBT protections from the Presidential administration, I commit myself to protecting New Yorkers from discrimination.


Stay Connected and Volunteer

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How to Contribute

I am participating in the Public Financing system, so your contribution of $250 or less is matched by the City of New York 8 to 1. The maximum contribution is $1000 for individuals, $200 for those with city contracts.

You can send a check and a
contribution card (required by city law)
to the address below. 

Checks can be made out to
"Danny For NYC" and sent to:
Danny for NYC
PO Box 250875
New York, NY 10025